The Firehouse Church got its name from the metaphor of fire for the person of the Holy Spirit. We are a church that welcomes values and honors God’s presence in our lives and corporate times of worship. That presence is brought to us through the Holy Spirit. Both individually and corporately we want to be a house for God’s fire.
Fire represents three things the Spirit brings to us in the Bible. Fire is purity. In mining precious metals fire is used to separate the gold from the rock. The weaker rock will melt before the gold so the two can be separated. We believe the Spirit of God will melt away our character flaws and bring out the gold of Christ’s character in us. The fire of His presence purifies us.
Fire is power. Fire takes objects and releases the power in them. Steam, coal, gas, oil, solar all this power comes from fire. The fire of the Spirit brings the power of God so we can continue the ministry of Jesus. We believe in the miracles and gifts of the Spirit as a concrete way to demonstrate the love of God in people’s lives. As his presence is with us and in us his power is released to bring his goodness and love into the lives of people in need.
Fire is passion. We use phrases like on fire for God to represent a life that is fully in love with and sold out to God. We believe in passionately expressing our love for God in worship and service. Emotional expressions of love for God such as singing and dancing are encouraged as we gather to worship. We want to love God and others with our heart, mind, soul and strength. His presence fills us with a passion for loving God and serving his in this world.
We desire our lives and church to be a house of God’s fire, thus the name The Firehouse Church. If this is something you resonate with or are just intrigued about, come hang out with us some time. We meet for corporate worship at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings at the Seefilm theatre in downtown Bremerton on 4th and Park.
Blessings on you,
Kevin Clancey